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Monday, May 23, 2011

Pra Luang Poo Tuad Mahayant Dhamaraj 2497 B.E , Achan Chum

This amulet was made and blessed at Wat Baromathat in Nakorn Sithamarat in the year 2497 B.E by Achan Chum together with 108 famous monk from Nakorn Sithamarat and Phatallung District.
The famous monk such as Lp Klai (Wat Suan Khan) , Lp Opasi (Wat Arsom Bang Mod) , Lp Parn (Wat Khau Or) , Achan Num (Wat Don Sala) , Achan Did (Wat Paksak) , Lp Khong (Wat Bansuan) , Lp Moon (Wat Khau Deng) , Lp Deng (Wat Khau Bandai it) , Lp Ngern (Wat Don Yaihom) , Lp Tea (Wat Samngarm)
This amulet were chanted for 7 different purpose and each for 7 days.
1) Metta Mahaniyom
2) Khongkraphan
3) Maha Utt
4) Protection from wild animals and insect
5)Protection from evil spirit and illness
This amulet is usually used to put it in the bhat namoon ( container for holy water).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pra Phong Phutha Nimit 2484 B.E , Achan Chum

 Pra Phong Phutha Nimit , was made by Achan Chum during his Monkhood in Ubosoth of Wat Chaimongkol , Songkla in the year 2484 B.E ( Indochina period ) to give it away for the military.
The Great Achan Ead from Wat Don Sala also joint in for this chanting ceremony.
This amulet is made from clay and 3 others material , phong phutthanimit , phong iteji and phong na phatthamang.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bhat Nammon Pra Thamarat 2497, B.E , Achan Chum

 This Bhat Nammon Pra Thamarat was made in the year 2497 B.E and bless together with Pra Yod Khun Phon . This bhat nammon is made of clay and the amulets sticking beside the wall are , L.P Tuad , Achan Thong Thau and Special Yant Amulets . Its a very rare item .

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Achan Thong Thao 2506 B.E , Wat Cheang Songkla

 This Achan Thong Tao amulet was bless in Wat Cheang Songkla in the year 2506 B.E by the Great Achan Chum and along with Wat Khau Or great monks.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pra Ruang Puen 2515 B.E , Archan Chum

This Pra Ruang Puern was chanted and blessed at Wat Suthattep Wararam . And its a great Royal Chanting ceremony , His Majesty The King also join in the ceremony.
According to the local this amulet is good for protection .

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pra Khun Pen Org Suek Khongchaichum 2513 B.E Achan Chum

This Pra Khun Pen wam made in the year 2513 B.E by Achan Chum and blessed by Khau Or line deciples and Luang Phor Khong of W.Bansuan was the master of ceremony. The blessing ceremony started 1st May and finished on the 9th May 2513 B.E.
The material that are used to make this (Phong Khongchaichum) Nuer Wan Ya , Phont Ittije , Phong Phatthammang and 500 scared powder that Achan Chum collected.